Our Standard

There’s a beautiful vehicle hiding under all that dirt! Give your ride a chance to shine again by visiting Cannon Xpress Car Wash. Conveniently located at the Crossroads exit of I-25, we offer everything you need to give dirt the boot and make your ride glow.

Turtle Wax® — Turtle Wax has been a staple in the auto care world for more than 70 years. Now, with Turtle Wax Pro, you can enjoy all the benefits of their wax technology without lifting a finger. We’ve integrated this top-notch product into our automatic car wash, which applies a protective layer to your vehicle as you drive through.

Free Microfiber Towel — We’re honored to be your choice when it comes to cleaning your vehicle. Let us show our appreciation with a gift you can use right away! Our free microfiber towel is perfect for putting the final polish on your vehicle.

Dryers — No need to get a bunch of towels wet while drying your vehicle off. Instead, let our top-notch dryers eliminate the water and provide a spot-free surface that’s ready for wax. Because our dryers are part of our automatic car wash, you can sit tight while they do all the work!

Ceramic Coating — If you want the toughest protective coating the world has to offer, choose our ceramic coating. Unlike regular wax, it doesn’t need to be frequently refreshed. Learn more about our ceramic coating and give your car the ultimate protection today.

Dog Wash — Whether you’re wrapping up a day of muddy adventures, or it’s just time for a bath, give your pup a spa experience at our dog washing station. We’re happy to provide this extra service for your convenience.